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Hi, everybody.

I’m @ Little Spiral @. I write these lyric-driven piano-based songs for introverted geeks. And I want to gift you a free 5-song experience from my latest EP, Full sentence, that I think you’ll love.

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…and others who breathe poetry and life into their music.

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In return, I’m going to ask you questions. Find out about your stories. Ask you for pictures of your dog so we can both go OHHHHWHOSAGOODDOGYESYOUAREITSYOUISNTIT.

I like mixing my indie rock leanings with pop, classical, blues and electronic sounds, so you’ll need to have a high tolerance for different.

You’ll also need to tolerate a little weirdness, a bit of vulnerability, a dash of woo-woo and snark in equal measure, and a strange blue-haired lady who’s probably watched one too many Comedy Central shows in the ’90s.

It's my mission to remind people what it means to be human in an increasingly digital world. And I hope my gift to you is the start of something beautiful.